Grechn uses the most modern production equipments.The production methods assure the highest possible standard of quality(certified acc to ISO 9001:2000) .In order to maintain the quality and control over our production,a Quality Inspection Department is in place and has been equipped with modern testing facilities.It includes equipments for tensile testing,hardness measuring,ultrasonic testing,eddy-current testing,hydrostatic testing and for any other relevant tests required.
    All tests carried out on raw materials and finished products are classified into three major categories,i.e. Product Analysis,Mechanical Tests,Non Destructive and Intergranular Corrosion Tests.The tests listed below are carried out in accordance to each relevant material's specification.Additional tests may also be carried out if a request is made by the customer before a purchase order is placed.Each length of pipe or tube is carefully inspected and tested before delivery.
  • Products analysis -carried out on every heat number for round bar/billet,mother pipe and final product.One sample is taken from every 100 pieces of pipe or tubes.
  • Mechanical tests
    Tensile test:A Longitudinal specimen of cross sectional area is taken from the material,pulls apart until it ruptures .
    Flattening test:This test usually applied to tubes and involves
    flattening the sample between parallel faces.Positive result will be no sign of flaws or cracks after the flattening.The length of sample and degree in wihich it is flattened is accordance to ASTM standard.
      Flare or drift test:This is a form of ductility test and applies to tubes. Tube endis expanded to a specific diameter at a specific angle of drift.There should not be any sign of splits or cracks after the test.
      Hardness test:The Hardness Test on final products will be as per NACE MR0175
  • Non-destructive tests
    Eddy-current testing
    Ultrasonic testing
    Hydrostatic test
  • PMI/Mix-Up Control is carried out by spectrotest. Spectrotest is used for
    "Mix-Up Control¡±work,testing of a material quality is carried out on a Yes / No
    basis in relation to the quality of the reference material.
  • Microstructure test
  • Intergranular corrosion tests
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Cleanness
Flattening test
Flare or drift test
Ring tensile test
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